MDxBlocks offers full consulting and development services for a strong end-to-end supply chain. In a Blockchain, any asset changing hands, from one organization to another, is considered a supply chain process that may include money, documents or real assets such as fuel, cars, food and goods.

We use only the best practices based on our experience and from thought leaders such as Gartner.

We are one of the few consulting companies that respect the full potential of decentralization of Blockchain, which means a multi-party fully vendor-agnostic architecture minimizing friction as much as possible. Besides, we also use only open source technologies, effectively eliminating vendor lock-in.

Strategic Assessment

With strong focus on the best business outcome, we assess your existing process and architecture, identify the best mix of technologies and analyze how it will add value to your business.

Turnkey PoC

Supported by our expertise and a vast library of accelerators, we can create a robust Proof of Concept (PoC) in 3-4 weeks, at the same time capacitating key people on your team, so your understanding how the Blockchain environment works is clear.

Business Process Remodeling

Digitalization often requires the remodeling of business processes. In this crucial phase, our supply chain experts perform a deep dive on current business processes, understanding all the potential variables. The end result is the creation of new business processes customized for your reality, and an implementation plan that respects your company timing.

Implementation and Support

Once you understand the Blockchain feasibility for your use case, you can move your project into development. We, as a software development company, develop and deliver scalable Blockchain apps that will innovate your business operations.

Workshops and Training

We provide you with Blockchain workshops to better understand Blockchain technology and give you the basic knowledge about its potential applications and best practices. We demonstrate how Blockchain can transform your industry with case studies of relevant projects.

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