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Material Tracer

MDxBlocks invested years building one of the most advanced frameworks for a fast Hyperledger Fabric deployment, called Trac n Trace.

The result is an intuitive and easy to use platform, agnostic of infrastructure, Blockchain network will be deployed in few hours.

To better serve our clients in any sector we are offering further prototype customization, for limited time, therefore we can deploy a prototype in 5-weeks for virtually any business case in any industry.

The process is as follows:
Steps Step Name Duration Step Description
Step 1 Kickoff Meeting 1 Hour 1) Introduce participating teams
2) Confirm scope and customize understanding
3) Next Steps
Step 2 Interviews
1 Hour each
Interviews 1-2 participating organization of each type: if the Blockchain network consists of 3 organizations, we may have a minimum of 3 interviews and a max of 6 interviews
Step 3
Bi-weekly Meeting
1 Hour each Status Meeting
Step 4 Implementation TBD Development of Blockchain Network, UI, Node API's, Cloud Environment on MDxBlocks Environment with CI, CD
Step 5 Integration TBD Integration testing of Web Application, Business logic and Blockchain Network With Ledgers
Step 6 Demo 1 Hour Demo the development prototype with Relevant Sample Data
Step 7 Delivery 1 Hour Deploy the development prototype with Relevant Sample Data
Step 8 Wrap-up Meeting 1 Hour Plan for MVP, Go To Market Strategy and Future Partnerships


  • 1. Applying company should have a minimum of 500 employees or $100M dollars in yearly revenue.

  • 2. The prototype needs to be approved by an employee at director level or higher.

  • 3. The prototype is developed and deployed in MDxBlocks' Cloud environment.

  • 4. No integration with any other systems is included at the prototype phase.

  • 5. MDxBlocks will use its own UI and Dashboard designs at the prototype phase.

  • 6. Limited the first 10 companies that apply and are approved by MDxBlocks.

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