RPA Implementation Strategy & Prerequisites

Robotic Process Automation popularly known as RPA have been experiencing phenomenal growth in the recent years, and has turned out to be a pre-requisite for improvising performance of businesses. A recent study by Grand View Research, Inc has stated that RPA market size is expected to reach
 USD 3.97 billion by 2025.


Blockchain for Drug Recall Handling

Drug recalls are a turning into a potential threat for the pharma industry. Drug recalls issued by manufacturers is increasing at an alarming rate. It was in Q1-2018, Pharma recalls rose 52%, compared to the same quarter in 2013, accounting for the highest in number of recalls.


RPA for Insurance Industry

It’s not uncommon for Insurance companies to immerse in huge load of back-office forms, as most of their documentation is paper based. Employees in this field regularly handle exceptionally high volumes of business processes like claims-processing and underwriting as well as providing policy quotes manually.


RPA in HR Management

Human Resources is an integral part of any business, from high quality talent acquisition to managing employee relations the role of HR department is strategic for every business. However, most of the day-to-day HR activities are just confined to payroll, benefits, hiring, offboarding and compliance management, which consumes huge resources and time of the organization.



Blockchain is defined as a distributed ledger technology (DLT) that is becoming the underlying layer of the future of the Internet. It is creating a new wave of decentralized services applications, called “DApps,” that will be introduced to replace most of today’s centralized, cloud-based Internet applications.

Recall Automobile Industry

Is Recall a Real Threat to Manufacturers?

Product Recall is seriously impacting manufacturers in every industry. Usually Recalls are triggered with the intention of protecting customers or to gather intelligence which impact the company prospects (including finance & brand value).


Blockchain as a Saviour for Handling Transport Industry Challenges

A recent research has stated that every day a whooping $140 Billion got stuck in the disputes for payments related to transport industry.

It is estimated that on an average, for an invoice to get paid a company should wait for about 42 days, before it receives the payment.

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