2nd Annual Global Power & Energy Blockchain Conference

2nd Annual Global Power & Energy Blockchain Conference

October 23rd – 25th, 2019| Atlanta, GA

Global Power & Energy Blockchain Conference – 2019, is intended to create awareness among the service providers and businesses, about the usage of Blockchain in the Power & Energy Industry.

Electric power grids are experiencing tremendous changes in the last few years, when compared with the entire 20th century. It is also expected that technologies that are about to reach the mass market will drive even more drastic changes in the industry.

Utility companies who cling to old business models are likely to go out of business, while those that are innovative will rise as the leaders in the industry.

Evidence of the disruptive impact of technology on the power & utilities industry is clear and growing.

Blockchain is on a clear path toward broad adoption and is causing disruption across all major industries, and clearly emerged as a viable technology to manage the volume and complexity of the next generation grid. The consensus of conference attendees was that now is the time for the organizations within power & energy to drive future blockchain initiatives and opportunities.

Many of the opportunities (and challenges) from emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI, IoT, virtual & augmented reality are yet to be fully defined and explored. Whilst no one can predict the future energy ecosystem, you can at least be prepared for disruption …

Join other proactive energy providers to rethink the fundamentals of energy and explore future opportunities: 2019 Global Power & Energy Blockchain, Atlanta, GA on October 24th 25th.

Mr. Badruddin Pitter, Co-Founder & CEO – MDxBlocks is going to address on “Implementation of Blockchain and IoT to Energy management and tracking in Power & Energy Industry “.
For more information please  visit https://www.powerblockchain-conference.com/agenda/speakers/501132

About Mr. Badruddin Pitter:

Mr. Badruddin Pitter, Co-Founder at MDxBlocks Inc is a visionary, Investor and a Techno-Savvy in emerging disruptive technologies. Mr. Pitter’s career focused delivering niche solutions to Oil & Gas, Supply Chain, Utility, Energy, Health, and High-tech Industries. Thought Leader & Architect who previously worked with HP, Exxon, Haliburton and many other Fortune companies. Founder of CallCare, Smart MDG,  and Co-Founder of totalRecall – a track and recall solution. Popular Speaker at Blockchain Conferences for Oil & Gas, Supply Chain, and Energy.

About MDxBlocks:

At MDxBlocks our experts with 20+ IT Industry and Technology experience can understand your End to End processes and can help you in identifying core area where Blockchain can fit into. Our services include Development, Integration, Consulting, Training, Advisory, POC and more.

Do Visit our website at http://mdxblocks.com   for further details and reach us at (+1) 832 906 7001 or e-mail us on info@mdxblocks.com