Blockchain in Oil & Gas Conference

Understand how blockchain technology such as smart contracts, distributed data, and public ledgers are transforming the oil and gas industry

September 18-19, 2019
JW Marriott – Houston, TX

The 3rd Annual Blockchain in Oil & Gas Conference will provide you insights on “How Blockchain Technology such as Smart contracts, Distributed data, and Public ledgers play’s a vital role in transforming the Oil & Gas Industry”.


Attendees will explore what blockchain can do for the industry right now, with real examples of blockchain generating ROI for companies. There will be in depth discussion around how common challenges can be overcome and the variety of ways in which blockchain can be used in the oil and gas industry today.

The speaker panel will share real-world issues, best practices, developments, and cross-discipline advances that address ever-expanding and complex data demands in today’s oil and gas industry.

Bringing together upwards of 250 attendees from oil and gas, 30+ speakers and 30+ partners and exhibitors from leading technology companies to explore innovative technology and services on the show floor, network at multiple receptions, and learn the latest on the digital revolution that’s transforming the industry.

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Blockchain in Oil & Gas is a two-day conference led by technology leaders with expertise on the digital revolution that’s transforming the industry, so companies are better prepared to handle future market demands.

Join us at this event and meet our CEO ,Mr. Badruddin Pitter,along with CTO & Founder Mr. Krishna Bayanna and Director of IT, Mr.Surya Anakala at our Booth #3, and catch his insights on Blockchain in Oil & Gas, on the Thursday, September 19th at 10:45 AM. 

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About Blockchain in Oil & Gas

Blockchain in Oil & Gas fosters a forward-thinking community to innovate the oil & gas industry, the conference comprises two days of top-level content from leading oil and gas companies embracing and developing cutting edge blockchain technologies.

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